Austin’s Underbelly and Lovely Lubbock

Before heading to Lubbock we decided to do a little exploring and visit Inner Space Caverns.

Ryan had never been in a cave before and it had good reviews. We got there right before they opened so we could be on the first tour. They told us we had to wait a few minutes to see if anyone else came to join our tour. Right before we were scheduled to go, two buses of kids pulled up. How would you describe the idea of being trapped underground with 60 third graders? Thankfully our guide reassured us that we would be heading out before they got in.

The Cavern was discovered when the department of transportation was looking to build a highway. So it was the most easily accessible Cavern I’ve ever been in. We walked out the door and down a ramp.

Our guide was very knowledgeable and super excited about the caves. She kept showing us ‘something a little extra’ since we were the only people on the tour. The cave used to have sink holes where animals used to fall in. They have found skeletons from mammoths, saber tooth cats, and horses.

The tour covered about a mile and a half. There were some cool tunnels that led off to areas you could only access on special cave crawling tours. We’ll have to come back. We had a great time and took a lot of photos.

We managed to miss all the kids until our way out of the caves so it was nice and peaceful. We left the caverns and traveled to Lubbock. We stopped at a picnic area along the way (Texas is full of them) and I made some new friends.

One wanted to have lunch with us.

Someone had clearly been feeding them. There was a bunch of cans of cat food sitting out around the trash can. Ryan wouldn’t let me keep the orange one so we headed off and left them behind. It was a very interesting drive through Texas. I was fascinated by the cotton fields. I started wondering if cotton is still considered organic if they are grown in the same fields as oil rigs. It was really neat to see the cotton, oil rigs, and wind turbines in the background.

We finally made it to Lubbock to stay with my friend, Rebecca, and her husband.

Her husband was super nice and made us some great wings. We sat around and had a relaxing evening catching up. Ryan and Rebecca had a super interesting debate over free internet in developing countries. It was a great way to spend our night in Lubbock.

Here are a few of the photos I took at the Inner Space Caverns. Have you ever been caving? What’s your favorite to visit?

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  1. I’m thinkin of that private cave outside Gatlinburg – at closing we were the only ones there. Our very odd guide Delmar had the hots for you…. I wasn’t sure he wouldn’t push your dad n me off a cliff and run off with you to the back of the mountains. Now that was a scary cave!

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