A Case of Carcolepsey

What is worse than rolling over to look at the clock and realizing you needed to leave 20 minutes ago? Rolling over to look at the clock and realizing you needed to leave 20 minutes ago for an 11 hour drive and you still need to finish packing the car. We had a great time at the party last night so we were a little slow getting going this morning.

However, we made it eventually. We made really good time this morning despite everyone texting and driving. I can’t stand that people refuse to use their cruise control and then we keep passing each other. It’s worse though when they’re weaving and texting. Don’t do it!

We lost time stopping to get gas and some fries to go with our lunch. Ryan wanted to try Wendy’s new bacon Siracha fries and thought they’d go well with the corn dogs. We picked the worst Wendy’s ever. I think there was only one person working the front and it took us 20 minutes to give our order. Serves us right for stopping for lunch even though we said we weren’t going to eat out for lunches. Especially on the first day. At least we got to stretch our legs for a while.

When we got back in the car I took over driving so Ryan could rest. However, long drives kill me. I get so sleepy even when driving. Does this happen to anyone else? I found the best word to describe it a couple years ago:


This happens whether or not I’m the passenger. I really struggle to stay awake. So Ryan didn’t get to rest much because he had to talk to me and keep me awake. He’s a great copilot.

But where are we headed? Our original plan for this trip was to start the trip in Gatlinburg. Ryan has never been there and I haven’t been back in a couple years. And it had the added benefit of being a short drive so we didn’t have to worry about leaving late. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you heard, there were major wildfires there recently and we decided now is not a good time to visit. So instead we decided to head to Florida to see my sister and her husband.

Erin was super sweet and made dinner for us so we could have a home cooked meal on the road. She is an amazing chef.

This is the first time they got to meet Ryan so it was nice to have a night to socialize. So we will rest and relax before we head out to New Orleans tomorrow. The plan is to be lazy and take advantage of the beach in the morning (if it doesn’t rain) and then take Erin to lunch before we head out. The only benefit to driving 11 hours in the car today is so we only have to drive 3 tomorrow. Oh and I got to hang out with my family 😉

The sunset was lovely tonight. Thankfully Ryan took over driving by then so I could take photos out the windows. Photography and driving is as bad as texting and driving.

I thought the reflection of the clouds off the car in the side view mirror looked lovely. I’ll have to play with my real camera next time to see if I can use sport mode to get the background in focus too.

Do you look for good bumper stickers and billboards?  The best one I saw today said ‘live generously and life will treat you royally’. It was an ad for crown but I still liked the message. Hopefully we’ll find some more good ones as we go along.

But for now, it’s time to relax and enjoy being out of the car. How do you feel about long car rides? Do you get carcolepsey?

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    1. Good idea! Ryan gave me some snacks to help too. Yesterday was chocolate covered blueberries for me and he ate macadamia nuts.

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