Logandale Trails and the Valley of Fire

Waking up to a surprisingly pleasant (and hangover free) morning in Vegas, we decided a big breakfast was in order to replenish our strength. We quickly located the “Egg & I”, which we assumed was the same chain as the one we frequently enjoy in Cary. It was completely different, not affiliated in any way.

And this was a very good thing, because while we enjoy the location in Cary, this place was absolutely delicious. I had a Smoked Chicken and Chorizo Hash, while Megan enjoyed the Sunrise Mountain (scrambled egg, bacon and cheese, all cooked in a skillet over a croissant). So much food, and the manager was also our server and exceptionally nice. Definitely recommend this place if you’re in Vegas and you don’t want to do your hotel’s breakfast (or mess around on the Strip first thing in the morning).

Our bellies full and our spirits high, we proceeded on to our major activity of the day. Megan’s mom and dad had recommended we check out the Valley of Fire, which is about an hour out of Vegas on our way to Utah. I did a little research while being the copilot one day and found out about the Logandale Trail System, which begins in the small town of Moapa Valley.

The trail is designed only for ATVs, dirt bikes, horses and specialized off-road vehicles, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to put the new 4Runner trail edition through its paces. We arrived in the parking/staging area in the late morning to find a gathering of off-road enthusiasts preparing to depart on the trails.

We headed off onto the trails shortly after, and the terrain got intense quickly. A mix between loose gravel, deep sand, and some light rock climbing kept me guessing the entire journey. This was my first time off-roading with any vehicle, and needless to say it was extra stressful to do it when I had just made my first car payment the day before!

Nevertheless, the 4Runner handled everything we threw at it with aplomb, and we didn’t even have to use any of the more advanced features to get out of a jam. We had a blast exploring this relatively untouched area. The scenery was absolutely stunning, and the challenges of the trail kept me entertained for hours. Sadly we had only made it about a quarter of the loop about 2 hours in, so we decided to turn back instead of completing the trail. We ate a late lunch in the picnic area near the beginning of the trail as the truck took a well-deserved break.

It was fortunate that we did decide to leave when we did, because a few hours later on our journey to Moab, the road conditions started to deteriorate. As the temperature dropped into the negatives, the roads became more icy and treacherous. Luckily, with little incident we made it to the charming town of Moab outside Arches national park, where we settled in to prepare for the next day’s early morning excursion.

Have you ever been off the beaten path before? Did you enjoy taking the road less traveled?

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