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Ryan’s post left you wondering how our night in New Orleans went. After we checked into the Prince Conti Hotel, we headed to Bourbon Street for dinner. Ryan wanted some authentic Cajun food so we went to Redfish to get him some jambalaya. The restaurant had some neat fish themed decorations that I really loved including a wall of colored glass circles behind a large piece of kelp. I couldn’t get a photo because there were too many people sitting in the way but Ryan got a shot of their logo for me:

The food was wonderful. Ryan had a great jambalaya and I had the house special redfish with crab. It was awesome. I laughed at how disappointed my dad would have been with it because halfway through the meal I found ham hiding in the potatoes under my fish. It was delicious.

When we left the restaurant we walked down down Bourbon Street to take in the sights. There were a few buildings with some beautiful Christmas decorations. I got a nice photo of the Royal Sonesta Hotel and the almost full moon.

It was kind of weird walking down a mostly empty Bourbon Street. Most of the restaurants and bars were pretty empty too. We checked out a shop called Jazz Funeral to see if there was anything we needed for people back home (there wasn’t). So we went next door to listen to a cover band. They were pretty good. We stayed until 8 when it was time to head across the street to the Royal Sonesta Hotel to the Jazz Playroom. The band was amazing. We had a lovely couch to ourselves and they played a great mix of traditional jazz pieces and Christmas songs.

After the band we went and played in the hotel’s courtyard which was beautiful. That was followed by a slew of silly selfies in front of their Christmas trees. I won’t post them all but here’s one to tide you over.

We finished the night with another stroll down Bourbon Street. We passed a guy in a unicorn onesie. I am so sorry I didn’t get a photo for you. I was taken by surprise.

Bourbon Street is really quiet on a random Monday in December. The cops were so bored they were standing around chatting with the ladies.

We made it to Austin tonight and are exploring the nightlife. But we promised you a photo album from yesterday so I hopefully you enjoy. More about our adventure through Texas tomorrow.

We came up with four songs about Texas today. How many do you know? What’s your favorite song about Texas?

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