The Farm Life

After packing up the remainder of our belongings at Megan’s family house in Valpo, we hit the road to caravan with her parents to the Farm for the evening. The drive to the farm was a lovely tour of rural Indiana, and we even stopped by the Sand Hill Cranes observation point at the Grand Marsh to see if we could spot some of these incredible birds. I was told there could be hundreds upon hundreds of them here at sunset while in season, but we did manage to spot a few small groups during our short stopover here.

We arrived at the Farm just a short while later, and we were pleased to see that most of the snow had indeed melted, so we had no trouble driving down the gravel path that led to the main cabin behind the tree farm. Once there we unpacked our belongings and setup in their beautiful log cabin. After getting the fire in the wood stove started (to warm the house while we were gone), we headed out to get some food in downtown Frankfort. On the way to dinner we stopped by the Gem City Park to check out their amazing (and free!) Christmas Light show. We spotted the famous Waving Weenie hiding behind a building.

We ate dinner at a nice little sports bar on Main Street in Frankfort called Johny V’s. Megan and her mom split a massive pork tenderloin sandwich – something Indiana is apparently famous for!

Afterwards we headed back to the farm and had an early evening as we were all worn out from the day’s events. The next morning Megan’s parents took us on an amazing tour of the beautiful land all around the Farm. Even with no leaves on the trees, the views of the creek and the woods were absolutely lovely. I’m told it is even more beautiful in the middle of the year, so I’m looking to returning then.

We were hungry from our long hike, so we enjoyed a delicious crab jambalaya and cornbread lunch courtesy of Mary. In the afternoon, the ladies went to setup and mount an infrared wildlife camera so they could get footage of the animals wandering throughout the farm. While they were working on this, I helped Mark do some repairs to the Annex (the cabin the family built in the 90s).

Disaster! While we had to improvise just a bit, we managed to get most of the repair work done that afternoon. As a reward, Mark even let me drive the tractor!

After heading back into town for a delicious Mexican dinner that evening, we built a fire and made some “Pudgy Pies”. If you’re not familiar with “Pudgy Pies”, you butter two slices of bread, add a delicious filling of your choice, and cook them over the fire in a cast iron sandwich holder. Megan helped me make a Smore Sandwich, which turned out to be phenomenal!

Later in the evening, after everyone was cozy in bed, I had to use the Outhouse facilities. After finishing up, I was outside enjoying the nearby babbling creek for a moment when I heard a lone coyote’s howl in the distance. “That’s lovely,” I thought. “Very atmospheric.” Then I heard the howl joined by several more coyotes that sounded much more close by. Needless to say, I returned to the cabin as quickly as possible.

The next morning, after Megan’s mom cooked us a delicious breakfast of eggs, sausage and hash browns, we toured the west woods and the beautiful house at the front of the property, which has been in the family for generations, built in the late 19th century. Sadly, it was then time for us to part ways with Mark and Mary and the Farm – on to Indianapolis to visit my sister and the family.

Where is your place of zen? A place where you can disconnect from everything and just enjoy the moment?

3 thoughts on “The Farm Life

  1. You forgot to mention your friends the herd of possums! And the huge turkey. And the eagle! Also interest might be that we function “off the grid ” here! So enjoyed having you here in the woods!!

    1. There was so much to see and do! And good point, it’s completely off the grid, so a wonderful way to disconnect and get away for awhile. Thanks for having me.

      Oh, I tried your jam and that artisan peanut butter today, they’re fantastic!

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