The Year of Three Thanksgivings

We had a busy November. Thanksgiving always makes the month feel shorter but we managed to do a lot of traveling this year.


We started the month by going to Tampa to visit my new nephew and spend some time with my sister and brother in law. We took our bikes and had a great ride with Andre along the bay. We also had some great food and snuggles with my nephew.

Raleigh Part 1

Then we had three Thanksgivings. My parents came down to celebrate the holiday with us. We started the week by taking them to C. Grace, which is where Ryan took me on our first date. My mom was very impressed. They had an open jazz session. There was an interesting assortment of musicians. We were about to leave when a lady came in with a concert harp. We had to see what jazz harp sounded like so we waited for her to set up. For more than 20 minutes…. when she finally got herself together and they started playing again, you couldn’t even hear her. It was quite disappointing.

Wilmington Thanksgiving

The next day we headed down to Wilmington for Thanksgiving with Kat and Dan and Owen. It was a wonderful day with a house full of friends and family. They even let my dad carve the turkey.

I booked us in a hotel on the beach in Carolina Beach. After we checked in, we went to visit the Fat Pelican, a wonderful dive bar, with my mom’s high school friend Marcia. That night we slept with the patio door open and were awaken to the sound of crashing waves and an amazing sunrise.

On Thanksgiving Day, we learned that very few breakfast places are open on Thanksgiving. Thanks, IHOP for saving the day. We were headed down to Ryan’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner. We had initially planned to take the ferry down to Southport but once we headed up to IHOP it was quicker to drive around.

This was the first time our parents got to meet. What better time to do that than Thanksgiving? We had a wonderful meal and great conversation.

Post Thanksgiving Shenanigans

When we made it back to the beach, we learned that although places are closed on Thanksgiving morning, they are frequently open Thanksgiving evening. We headed back to the Fat Pelican where my dad went through their beer cap collection to find new ones for his own collection. Marcia came to join us and she and my mom went looking for food. Instead, they found karaoke. I had been promising Ryan we would go do karaoke so we all headed over. I ended up going first with Blister in the Sun. Ryan was next and all the ladies swooned. Some girl asked me “Is he yours?” I said yah. She said “You are sooo lucky”. It was quite amusing. My dad and I ended the night with the Ennes Anthem: Love Shack. It was great fun.

On Saturday we went to my aunt’s house for our third and final Thanksgiving. Thankfully, the weather was nice and we were able to sit out on their back porch and enjoy the day. However, like all good things, the weekend had to come to an end and my parents headed home on Sunday. I think everyone needed a vacation after all of that eating and celebration. How many Thanksgivings have you managed to squeeze into one week?

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